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Enrolling at Whangaroa College


Students wishing to enrol at Whangaroa College are asked to make an appointment via the school office. Students are to be accompanied by their parent/s or caregiver/s to the interview.

You will need to provide either a birth certificate or passport and your latest school report or NCEA Record of Achievement.

Students need to complete an enrolment form prior to their interview, which can be collected from the school office, or provided in the link below.



Only plain black shorts, plain black trousers or plain black skirts are to be worn no higher than the knee.



Shirts must be plain white with the school logo.



Only Whangaroa College jersey are to be worn at school. This is either the blue V-neck jersey, the polar fleece or the black jacket as shown.


Socks must be either ALL black or ALL white.


Shoes and sandals must be ALL black.

Sandals must have a heel strap.



Only Whangaroa College hats are to be worn and must be removed in class and corridors.



All uniform can be ordered through DDGold in Kerieri. A price list is available from the school office

before 8:45am

Parents/Caregivers/Whanau: there is no need to write a note to excuse the lack of uniform, we are here to help you out when the washing just doesn’t get dry in time for school. 

We make sure that any student that needs to borrow a spare t-shirt, pants, jacket, jersey, skirt, shoes and socks can do so.


Every morning the Uniform Exchange will be available for students to hand over their mufti item and swap it for a school uniform item. At the end of the day, they just hand over their borrowed uniform piece to get their own gear back. We will wash and dry all uniforms daily, ready for the next day. 

We do have limited supply, so if you have any spare uniform items – please donate them to the front office.  We are especially in need of school sweatshirts and/or black polar fleece jerseys for winter. 

2024 Term Dates


Term 1:  30 January - 12 April


Term 2:  29 April - 05 July


Term 3: 22 July - 27 September


Term 4:  14 October - 13 December


Statutory Holidays 2024


Anniversary Day - Monday, 29 January

Waitangi Day - Tuesday, 06 February 

Good Friday - Friday, 29 March

Easter Monday - Monday, 1 April

Anzac Day - Thursday, 25 April  

King’s Birthday - Monday, 03 June

Matariki - Friday, 28 June

Labour Day - Monday, 28 October 


School Fees

Under the new Government school donations scheme, we have decided to "Opt In" which means that the Government will pay the school $150 per student instead of whanau having to pay school fees/donations.

Under this scheme;

  • The board of trustees cannot ask you to make a donation unless it is for an overnight school camp – and then you can choose if you want to pay none, some or all of the donation. If you choose not to make a donation, your child cannot be stopped from attending a camp if it is part of the school’s core learning programme (curriculum).

  • You cannot be asked to make either a general or specific donation e.g. a donation for a day trip to a museum or a field trip to a hiking track

Please note things we can ask for payment...

  • For any extra-curricular activity where the student has a choice of attendance and it does not relate to the curriculum/academic learning. For example ski camp, sports trip, whanau house trips, opera trip etc.

  • Take-home course materials where parents have agreed to purchase i.e. homework books.

  • School uniform

  • Basic school stationery

  • School ball

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